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Immersed in the elements and stimulated by nature’s sauna, this 7 day 6 night dance activation will help you shed the Winter and welcome a new season of YOU! 

No matter if you’re a novice or seasoned dancer, dance is your birthright and an amazing way to (re)connect with your inner creativity and well-being. Join us in Zihuatanejo on the Mexican Pacific Coast for 10 dance and mobility classes that will combine stretching, gentle grooves, dance styles from West and Central Africa, and more!

Our destination resort is B Corp Certified, so take heart in knowing your participation in this retreat will contribute to sustainable development within the local environment through an automatic 2% donation towards community rejuvenation. 

We partnered with WeTravel for our retreat bookings, so your reservation on this retreat will be made there.


Your retreat facilitator, Abagail, will lead gentle morning mobility and movement technique sessions to help open up the body, and by the afternoon we'll activate energetic dance sessions that build on the mornings practice. Abagail shares 35 years of dance, somatic, and fitness practices in all kinds of mediums and styles, to help YOU unleash your magic from deep within. We’ll weave in the essence of heat and sweat, to give the mind, body, and soul an opportunity to cleanse and revitalize. 

We’ll start our mornings off with a gentle warmup and a mobility session to juice up the body and prepare it to soak in dance technique. We'll then move into grooves and some foundational dance steps as we build up the momentum into a follow-along, low impact dance session. You will have plenty of free time to explore and relax during the day, then we’ll join together again to hone in our sense of self expression through dance with a fun dance session where we'll learn some simple choreography that we’ll build on throughout our time together. This will be fun, accessible for all levels, and there will be something for everyone!  As we sharpen our sense of personal expression and what we want to “say” through our movement, we’ll have the option to record a creative group video at the end of the retreat, sharing some of the movement phrases  and choreography we learned over our time together.  

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